Philip Crawford

Grand High Priest's Masonic Biography

Philip Crawford

M.E. Phillip Crawford

Harmony Lodge #9 - Past Master

Temple Chapter #3 RAM- Past High Priest

Webb Council #3 R&SM- Past Thrice Illustrious Master

Grand Council of Royal & Select Masters of Rhode Island- Past Grand Chaplain

Grand Representative for the Grand Council of Michigan

Grand Lodge of Rhode Island- Past Assistant Grand Lecturer

Grand Lodge Representative for the Grand Lodge of South Dakota

Scottish Rite-Valley of Providence-32, Past Sovereign Prince, RI Council Princes of Jerusalem

Member of St John's Commandery #1 K.T.

Colonial Council Knight Masons #19- Junior Warden

What Cheer York Rite College #43- Sentinel

Member of Rhode Island Convention of Anointed High Priests

Member of Rhode Island Council of Anointed Kings

Member of Plantations Conclave- Knights of the Red Cross of Constantine

Member of Renaissance Council-Allied Masonic Degrees #429

Masonic Veterans Association of Rhode Island- Past Venerable President

Member of Gaspee Chapter #99 Swords of Bunker Hill

Member of the Order of Demolay